The most interesting stuff around here will probably be the page views, right? Well, and besides that here is a small list of the most recent updates:

25. May 2004 My photos from the USA are now sorted by location and finally you can at least approximately guess where to find what...
16. May 2004 Most of the photos of my trip to the USA in March/April 2004 are now online
10. November 2003 My Homepage-Creation-Programs are currently being remade, as a side effect I cleaned up a little bit here
12. Juli 2003 The California-pictures now all do have a comment...
9. July 2003 First version of these mine travelsites goes online
Up to now only the California trip is halfway done

And a little filesize-statistics:

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files less than 25k: 10 (2.0%)
total size 27296273 bytes in 494 pictures (average size: 55255 bytes)
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