You might be interested in the page views and the like. Also here is a small update-log of recent changes:

29. February 2004 Finally the travelogue of my trip in sumer 2003 is finished... at least in German... sorry!
And a few updates concerning the completeness of the photos from my semester in Akureyri
21. Januar 2004 Fixed my list of links
Fixed a little bug (link to to nowhere)
19. Januar 2004 Extended the Best Of part a little
25. December 2003 A few more photos from Akureyri go online, especially of Northern Lights
1. December 2003 After lots of work I finally caught up with sorting my photos to taking them. Meanwhile there are loads of new pictures from Akureyri and surroundings
28. Oktober 2003 Lots of small typos corrected
Routemap added for my tour in sumer 2003
Internally rearranged my scripting-collection to create the pages
Moving to a new server,
13. Oktober 2003 Yet another full packet of panoramic photos added
3. Oktober 2003 The pictures of the tour Four days four wheel drive are complete
30. September 2003 First pictures of the tour Four days four wheel drive
23. September 2003 A few new panoramas
The tour 2003 pictures are finished to be sorted by location
A first pack of photos from Akureyri is added
15. September 2003 A whole bunch of new panoramas is done and online. Also in the sorting by location something is going on.
8. September 2003 Photos of my cycling tour 2003 are available online.
12. July 2003 Small internal changes, and besides the english version is easier to find now (I hope).
5. April 2003 After a long break I finally stitched some panoramas.
12. January 2003 Finally the travelogue of my bike-trip 2002 is finished and online (in german). That's why there were no other changes the last two months, I've been busy typing.
The travelogue 2001 is now also available in multiple parts
10. November 2002 Some of the new photos get sorted into the pages
3. November 2002 After lots of scanning-work and some internal changes finally the pictures of my latest trip to Iceland get online. Some are even sorted in already...
9. June 2002 Some Links are going onto my website since today
5. May 2002 Changes for a new guestbook
24. March 2002 The link-section is finally quiet acceptable and goes online.
Finally there is also a guestbook.
27. January 2002 Some changes in the thematical pictures section
26. January 2002 Some tips on the equipment (german only)
Travelreport 2001 goes online (german only)
Start of this update-history
December 2001 Lots of little changes, mostly for organizing this chaos
Travelreport for my 2001 trip is under construction
September 2001 After lots of sacnning at least the pictures are online
July 2001 First versions and visions, not available online yet

The remainig stuff is mainly for myself to keep an overview... but if you are interested, here you are:

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