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These are - in my opinion - the best pictures on this site. Originally I wanted to put here only about 10 pictures or so. But the choice was too difficult, so it got some more, even two pages by now. Yes, that's too many of course... :) Also you might choose other pictures to come here. So visit the other categories as well and send me your comments. You will also find those pictures here again in the parts of this site.
Part 1

Some hikers on top of the Bláhnjúkur

Ice-caves in a glacier ridge near Hrafntinnusker

Aldeyjarfoss, surrounded by basaltic columns

The winding river Eldá

Recultivation efforts in the desert along road 87

View into the horse-shoe of the canyon at Ásbyrgi

Eventually good weather above Herðubreið

A road along Lagarfljót through the forest Hallormstaðurskógur

Rainy weather on the ringroad in Berufjörður

Evening ambience on the hills at Svínafell

Evening sunlight on the hills of Landmannalaugar

The beautiful Fagridalur, in the background Herðubreið and Upptyppingar

Skaftafellsjökull and his runoff water

Skeiðarárjökull and the huge sandy plains of southern Iceland

The strange rock Systrastapi near Kirkjubæjarklaustur

In the Dyrafjöll at Þingvallavatn

Ready for the F 35 to the Kjölur highlands

Bridge and hut at Sandá: Southern start to the Kjölur "highway"

At the bridge over Hvítá with a view onto Langjökull

Stonepile and waymark along the Kjölur highland route

Sun and clouds above the Kerlingarfjöll

Steam and hot pots at Hveravellir

Steaming spring in the green: Hveravellir

The museum in Glaumbær from outside

The icelandic bishops church in Hólar

The nicely situated small church of Gröf in Skagafjörður

Goðafoss in best sunshine weather

Museum and church of Grenjaðarstaður in Aðaldalur

My vehicle at the lonely emergency hut in the Hólasandur

The colorful mixed lavafield on foot of Hvannfell (near Mývatn)

Stonepiles mark the way towards Námafjall

Dark clouds and stonepiles: With a bike through the icelandic highlands

Pist through Vesturöræfi towards Saudákofi

Wonderful arctical flowers at the Sauðá, Snæfell behind

Swampflowers in front of Snæfell in Vesturöræfi

The small rivulet Herjólfsdrag in the Vesturöræfi with Snæfell behind

The deeply carved in canyon Dimmugljúfur near the Kárahnjúkar

The shore of Lagarfljót near Hallormstaðarskógur

My tent at the hut in Laugarvellir

Panoramic view into the canyon of Dimmugljúfur

Herðubreið and the sandy lavafield near the Kreppá-bridge

The hot springs on the border of ice: Hveradalur in the Kverkfjöll

The hot springs on the border of ice: Hveradalur in the Kverkfjöll

Crossroads in the nowhere: The Vesturdalsvötn

Hot springs and snow: Hveradalur in Kverkfjöll

Climbing down on the glacier Kverkjökull

Lonely figure in front of the huge crater lake Öskjuvatn

Herðubreið as seen from the Lindá-rivercrossing in warm sunshine

Steaming landscape with plenty of craters: Mývatn
Part 1

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