Links to some friends

These are some of my friends homepages, or at least those I have the URLs of. I hope I've not forgotten to many of them, and if someone feels passed over, drop me a mail to get my memory going aganin... :)
Links to some friends
Friends from IRC
  • Freekshow (Freeky aka. Ronny)
    Ronny, who originally is known to me from IRC and who is now studying computer science with me and lots other things. Here he has a small collection of poems and what else is mattering him...
  • Conny aka. Constanze
    Another good friend from IRC. With some nice photos on her website.
  • Stjarna aka. Susanne Fahn
    We originally met in IRC and usually whenever we meet, we talk about one great common passion: Iceland!
    Friends from University
  • Thorstens Homepage
    A small homepage mostly for his "hobby" fire fighting.
  • Frank Dennerlein
    Another good friend from university, interested mostly in photography, video taking and traveling around to do so...
  • Stefan Büttcher
    A few trekking tours and "Checker Stuff"
  • Christoph Koutschan
    Extensive travel reports from India, Himalaya and more regions far far away.
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