"About me"
or: what should not be missing on any homepage

So, about me... what is to be said there... :)

Well, usually I do not really like saying something, at the very least about myself. Not even to very good friends I think. That's just how I am and possibly even one of the most important things to be said "about me"...

Well, some more unimportant details maybe: as long as I remember I live in or around Nürnberg in Germany, so you just might say this is some kind of my home here. And I even have been born here long long ago. I was told it had been 24. November 1979, but I never have cared about verifying that yet.

However, in school I have been a very attentive and studious pupil of course, so it was no problem doing the "Abiturprüfung" in 1999 of course. And since October of that year I'm studying computer science around here (to be more accurate, in Erlangen).

As you probably can see from the remaining parts of my homepage I am some kind of a Computer-Freak, or a "Nerd" as this is called on some relevant Linux-News-Sites. I have to admit, I typed in my first program from book even before I knew any english. However, if you are interested in such stuff, look around at some other part of my homepage a little.

Furthermore the courious surely already have guessed I'm some kind of Iceland-fan (Yes, Iceland, the country, you know?). Whenever I have time for some holidays I'm off to the middle of North Atlantic, "for freezing and getting wet". It's not really that bad there. This of course can also perfectly be connected with another great passion of mine, biking. Of course, going cycling at nice weather and on good roads, that is simple and everyone can do that. But that's not what is exciting me.

Well, if anyone really wants to know more about me (God beware, noone wishes that! *g*) you can find me on IRCnet sometimes as "thorin", "|Thorin|" or even "_Thorin_". Or using my mailaddress of course. Oh yes, that "Thorin" is from Tolkiens "Hobbit" by the way. Some say, the Thorin there is some "unenjoyable character", but I do like the name anyway. Probably because it somehow fits to my Icelandfanatism as well... but possibly I myself am some kind of a "unenjoyable character" as well... *g*

Okay, maybe some more secrets "about me":
Eating always is some kind of a problem with me, I'm afraid. I don't like this and I don't like that. But you can always make me happy with salad. Best green and with lots of vinegar (not too much though *g*). And doing something with potatoes that bad so I don't like it, even I haven't managed that yet.
For drinking I definitle like most any kind of juices. Or, if I'm touring around, pure water without anything. Still better is fresh, clear spring water, but this is almost only available in Iceland. I definitely don't like anything containing alcohol (as you learn quickly if you know me).
Friends never were many around me. But most of them are good friends. And most of them are good friends for a long time. But if you know me you might know that as well.
For working I currently go to Fraunhofer Institute for integrated Circuits. At least as a sidejob for students. Everyone has heared somthing of them, I'm quiet sure about that, though probably noone knows that. Got a little curious? Great!
Books are another very important thing in my life. Or at least used to be, as curretly I rarely have time for reading them. Of course I've read some classics everyone should know (Tolkien) and then also lots of other stuff, from Wolfgang Hohlbein to Theodor Storm, from Herbert Rosendorfer to Halldór Laxness. But I've never counted the pages of course or even the many different authors I've read. :)
Other things "about me" are few only. And if anyone asked me what I do if I'm just coming home and have nothing else to do, well, then I'd have to answer I'll do just anything, but this happens too seldom so I don't remember what I did last time I was in such a situation...
Special features: none. I always try not to attract too much attention on me and might only stand out by this.

Oh yes... there are also some photos of me, as you hopefully see on the right margin. I have recently made them with a simple webcam. It was quiet a interesting job to make such strange hardware cooperate with Linux. If you want to see the cam live and in action once just drop me a mail.

To learn more about me you of course could start at my homepage and look around a little there. Have fun with that however!
...and by the way, please excuse my bad english. Did I mention I'm from Germany and have to use my english very seldom only? :)

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